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Deana Moore:

My work is all made entirely by hand. Each piece starts with a design. They are made in small series and are one-offs, each one slightly different due to my hand building methods. The making process takes a long time as each piece is hand built using coils and slabs. I use a white groggy clay mixed with 25% porcelain. The groggy clay is suitable for hand building, the porcelain to make the clay whiter in appearance to aid the glaze colours.

After letting the piece dry a little, each piece is cleaned up and then fired to 1000 C (bisque).

I always rub the piece down again to smooth the surface using sand paper. It has to be washed thoroughly afterwards to get rid of dust which can affect the glaze.

The glazing is also methodical especially if two glazes are used. I use my own glazes which have been developed over time. The piece is glazed inside first, edges waxed. Finally the outside is spray glazed to get an even finish to the surface. Pieces are fired to 1100 C.

The pieces adjacent are new or experimental.

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